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San Diego Tax Rates

Property Tax Real-estate (secured property) taxes are set for the 2003-2004 roll year at $1,117 per $100 of full value as determined by the last assessment or as reassessed at the time of sale. The tax rate for personal property (unsecured property) is $1,1124 per $100
Retail Sales Tax Sales and use-tax is 8.25 percent. Prescriptions and public utilities are not subject to the sales tax
State Personal Income Tax 1 percent to 9.3 percent of net income on a graduated scale
Enterprise Zone Tax Credit Businesses located in the Enterprise Zone may receive both local and state tax credits. State benefits include hiring-tax credits for qualified employees for five years; 8.5 percent sales and use-tax credits for manufacturing equipment and machinery; net operating loss carry-over for 15 years; and other incentives. City-sponsored Enterprise Zone benefits include a 10-year payroll-tax credit for hiring qualified employees (including a 100 percent credit in the first two years); permit streamlining; working-capital loan guarantee program; and facade-improvement loans
Utility User Tax 7.5 percent on telephones and other utilities
Commercial Off-Street Parking Tax 25 percent on net income or 20 percent on gross receipts
Hotel Room Tax 14 percent